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Fridge Stickers Classification
- Jan 11, 2018 -

There are 2 kinds of fridge. One is magnetic sticker. The other is sticky sticker. Magnetic stickers can be reused. Dry adhesive stickers are disposable. They are usually used for decoration. But there are also functions to remind the food stored in the fridge, as well as reminder functions.

The classification of magnetic products is:

1) magnetic refrigerator: adopt the rubber magnet + top coated paper color printing made of peritoneum.

2) the following: refrigerator thermometer rubber magnet + above four-color printing coated paper mounted film + thermometer.

3) magnetic Bookmarks: adopt the soft magnet (for magnetic) + above four-color printing coated paper produced by peritoneal fold.

4) magnetic message board: the board (or board) + rubber magnet coated paper printing laminating film + light erasable pen.

5) magnetic photo frame: using soft magnet mounted coated paper color printing peritoneal, punching and middle frame production. Or in accordance with the requirements of the guests to make double frame, PVC frame, cardboard frame and other materials of the frame.

6) the following: magnetic pad rubber magnet + top mounted light coated paper printing film + notes this, or a separate pad, the convenience.

(7) magnetic puzzle puzzle board): the following soft magnet (grey board or cardboard) + above four-color printing coated paper laminating film, intermediate cutting need to make small puzzle design and.

8) PVC fridge: PVC fridge front is made of soft PVC, with soft magnetic magnet or back.

9) iron fridge

Ceramic refrigerator Chairman Mao 120th anniversary commemorative

Paste: the use of four color printing paper technology + glue magnetic film made.