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Custom-made Bottle Opener Of The Common Material And Technology!
- Jan 11, 2018 -

The bottle is not only a tool for life, but also shows the unique aesthetic and cultural design process for us: from infiltrating the classical style of the French to Africa, ebony artifacts plain, different countries, different periods of science and technology, a bottle opener is a crystallization of art, is an important part of national eating utensils, too performance of an important carrier of social economic and cultural development.

However, imaginative artists are not concerned with skills, but equipment, and the same use of leveraged bottle openers, changeable shapes and different shapes. Generally have a racket, rabbit, bank card type, Jintongyunv type, "OK" type beer bottle opener. General bottle opener will be made of metal, ABS, acrylic, aluminum alloy and other materials. There are several types of bottle openers in the market, including stainless steel openers, plastic + stainless steel openers, and aluminium alloy openers.

Shenzhen Ownic advance product development capability and quality management capabilities, the production of custom-made bottle opener is mainly used for advertising promotional items, souvenirs, clothing, shoes, trademarks and other high-end appliances industry.

The bottle making process: imitation enamelized, paint, etching (bite board), glue (Boli), printing (printing, offset), oil filling alloy plane, three-dimensional sculpture, aluminium stamping. Die casting. Pick light. Drawing. Etching. Screen printing. Electroplating. Oxidation. Sandblasting. Epoxy luminous reflection. Injection pressure.. plastic. Plastic. Piles of gold. Gold. Gold color. Scrub. Laser drawing. Computer engraving. Relief. Laser anti-counterfeit technology such as ice. Stereo scrubs.

Commonly used materials: copper, iron, silver, bottle opener, stainless steel, aluminum, tin, zinc alloy, pewter and other suitable materials