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Cosmetic Mirror Maintenance Methods
- Jan 11, 2018 -

The main difference between the mirror and the mirror is that the mirror has a different proportions of magnifying surfaces. This makes it easy for the make-up to see the details of the part. A mirror is an object with smooth surface and reflective light. The most common mirror is a plane mirror, which is often used to sort out the appearance. A surface polishing metal device with regular reflection properties and glass or metal products coated with a metallic reflection film. The mirror is divided into two types: the plane mirror and the surface mirror.  A curved mirror and concave mirror and convex points. It is mainly used as a dressing mirror, furniture fittings and solar cooker, reflector of car lamp and searchlight, reflection telescope, auto rearview mirror and so on.

Maintenance method

1. After the use of the make-up mirror, the handprints and stains are wiped in time with the soft cloth configured to keep the product new.

2. When the mirror is idle, it can be put into the cloth bag to prevent the air from oxidizing.

3, we should try to avoid scraping with hard objects so as to avoid the scratch of the mirror body.