Heart Keyrings

Heart Keyrings

Keys are both vitally important and very easy to lose if you keep them individually, so a keychain is an extremely useful device for practically every adult on the planet. Tourist souvenir keyrings serve as souvenirs and mementos of the interesting, fascinating places that you've been to, and they can help to keep your keys organized when you're abroad, too. Whether you have a hotel room or an apartment in the foreign city you're visiting, adding it to your keyring ensures that you aren't locked out in an unfamiliar city. Keys organized on a ring are also far easier to remove from your pocket when you are going through the metal detector at an airport security screening.

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Product Details

Heart keyrings

 Heart shaped with TURKEY logo charm keyrings.

Product Description

Item: Metal heart keyrings souvenir

Material :Zinc alloy

Plating: Shiny silver

Technical :Color enamel


OEM: Available .

Useage: Souvenir gift 

Port of loading: Ningbo/Shanghai,China

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heart keyrings

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