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Keychain for what kind of crowd use
- Jan 11, 2018 -

Whether the key ring material or shape, are greatly enriched. For example, there are cartoons, brand styling, simulation models, couple modeling, the material from the previous copper, aluminum, rubber, plastic and so on, now mainly zinc alloy surface nickel or rhodium and other rust Element material. "Wang, owner of a key chain store in Xidan Pearl Shopping Center, said:" Now the key ring has become a kind of gift to friends. The big key ring is even several hundred dollars. Key chain manufacturers

In addition to decoration and beautification of the function, the current key ring is a small body with great energy. With the continuous improvement of technology, high-tech key ring has also been "coming out." A Keychain named Cobra Tag is perfect for consumers who love to put keys, and when you go home and throw the keys out and can not find them, the Cobra Tag with positioning will signal that When you can hold the phone according to the location of tips to find it, can help you to avoid losing the key to worry about.

The weather forecast keychain named Magellan is outdone. This keychain can be a good companion for ALICE travelers who not only have weather forecast services around the world but also real-time monitoring of the weather indices around them. It also has LED screen, high compression housing and high load lock ring and other settings, can be said to be a treasures adventure. Keychain manufacturers

Think of your own key chain will be a LOMO camera? This called VistaQuest VQ-1015 products to complete the people's imagination. VQ-1015 is about 7 cm wide, about 4.5 cm long, about 2 cm thick, 1.3 million pixels, powered by a AAA battery, and built-in SD card slot, a total of 6 colors, is absolutely indispensable shooters Portable weapon. When the phone's screen is getting bigger and bigger, the CPU is getting faster and faster, the power consumption will inevitably become higher and higher, carrying data lines into a lot of smart phone users have to do one thing, But the emergence of this key ring, called the Flipsync, solves this problem. Its internal hides three interfaces, a USB interface for connecting the computer, a Micro USB and a Mini USB interface for connecting devices, can replace most of the current equipment data line.

In emphasizing the low-carbon, environmental protection, energy saving today, the key chain also "make a difference", the design brand Qualy designed this eco-concept keychain embodies the energy-saving features. The starting point of the designer's design is to use the key when people go out, then the design of the key chain and the power outlet, each time you go out to get the key is like pulling the plug, it will remind every time you go out You unplug the power plug at home.