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How to use wine bottle opener?
- Jan 11, 2018 -

More and more people began to contact with wine (red wine, dry red, dry white). However, many people still don't know the correct way to open wine, while enjoying the wine and delicious food, they also leave a little regret. There are a wide variety of wine / red wine openers, and there are many new styles in almost every day.

One, T type bottle opener

The T bottle opener is very simple and easy to use. The structure is also very simple. It is made up of the handle and the spiral bit. When the wine is opened, it inserts the spiral drill into the cork of the red wine, keeps turning the handle, and finally pulls out the cork. Because of too simple, it is difficult to use T type bottle opener, often put the cork off or crumble, so the wine should be careful.

Two, double arm bottle opener

The double arm bottle opener is much more complex and consists of two lifting arms and spiral bits. When the wine is opened, when the spiral bit keeps drilling into the cork, its arms are lifted up and up to the end. Only by pressing both arms, the stopper is pulled out. The double arm bottle opener is very labor-saving and efficient, but it is large and inconvenient to carry. So it is suitable for home use. It is better for wine lovers to use this bottle opener.

Three. The waiter type bottle opener

The waiter type bottle opener, commonly known as the "friend of waiters", is a common tool used by most professional waiters. The general is a wine knife, spiral drill and plug bracket is composed of three parts, the knife is used to cut the foil packaging bottle. Is the first wine bottle packing knife removal, the spiral drill into the cork, cork will support on the bottleneck edge, step by step to pull the plug. The waiter type bottle opener can be folded and carried, and the function is varied, but the skill is skilled and the ordinary person is still clumsy.

Finally, the wine after opening the cork bottle don't use that just take out, it is best to use special Wine cork, usually buy one or two at home, can be used at any time, after drinking a bottle of wine, remove the Wine special cork, a clean down, can be used for many years.