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How to choose suitable for your own decorations
- Jan 11, 2018 -

When choosing an ornament to yourself, the collocation of the ornaments is not much, the one or two is exquisite decoration and ornament, if more than three are vulgar. Remember the ornament is only the embellishment, used to adjust the dress, so that it is better to display the temperament. The following is the summary of attention :

(1) necklaces

1, the necklace should be matched with the face type.

2, the face and the neck thin slender women, wearing a single strand of short necklace, the face will not be too thin, the neck is not too long.

3, the woman with a round face and a short neck is better to wear a slender necklace. If there is a large Pendant in the middle of the necklace, the effect will be better.

4, the oval face is best worn by a medium - length necklace. This necklace forms an elliptical shape in the neck and can better provide a beautiful outline of the face. The beautiful neck of the woman can be 5, with a short Pendant Necklace, highlighting the beauty of the neck.

For the selection of necklace, price is not the main factor, no matter what style it is, coordination with age, complexion and clothing collocation is the main factor. Generally speaking, the elderly choose fine gold and platinum necklace with excellent texture and fine technology, while young people should choose a new necklace with good quality and color. Such as hardware, pearl necklaces and so on.

(2) Earrings

The short stature, wearing a butterfly shaped, oval, heart-shaped, round shaped earrings, looked cute.

The square face is suitable for wearing round or curly line hanging earrings to ease the angle of the face.

Round face with zigzag shaped leaves, hanging style earrings, on the vision can cause a sense of slender, delicate look. The heart shaped face should choose a triangle, large circle and other button style earrings. It is best to wear a narrow and wide suspension style in a triangle.

Earrings to make the thin, sharp mandible seem plump. Key buckle of Dongguan

Women wearing glasses are not suitable for wearing large suspended earrings, and ear ring earrings will make them more elegant and beautiful. The combination of the earrings and the complexion can't be ignored. A brightly colored person can choose a brightly colored earring. If the color of the skin is ancient copper, you can choose a lighter earring. If the color of the skin is black, it is the best to choose the silver earrings. If the color of the skin is yellow, it is good for the bronze or silver earrings.

(3) bracelets and bracelets

1, bracelets and bracelets are a kind of ring ornaments on the wrist, which, to a certain extent, can make the delicate women's arms and fingers more beautiful.

Should pay attention to 2, choose to wear hand gongs, if only wearing a bracelet, should be worn on the left hand; wear two when each hand wearing a, also can wear on the left hand, then should not wear watches; wear should wear steps on the left hand three, not a hand wearing one the other hand, wearing two. A hand chain usually wears one.

3, bracelets and bracelets are not necessary ornaments, so professional women do not need to wear the work, and the best not to wear. Out of office, wearing the bracelet, is easy to be made fun of neither fish nor fowl.