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Different key ring materials have their own wonderful
- Jan 11, 2018 -

1, acrylic keychain, that is, plexiglass, sub-import information and domestic information, hollow and solid, it is clear, the center can put colorful paper into it; the hardness of the key to the resolution of the key chain wear level. The current less than 3H acrylic appearance are easy to spend. Following the ceramic sanitary ware can create the best new information. Compared with the traditional ceramic materials, acrylic in addition to unparalleled high brightness, there are the following advantages: toughness, not easily damaged; repair of strong, only need to use a soft foam dipped in toothpaste can clean the ware; soft texture, There is no cold and biting feeling in winter; bright colors can be found in the pursuit of different characteristics of different grades. Made of acrylic basin, bathtub, toilet, not only sophisticated style, durability, and has environmental effects, its radiation and human body skeleton radiation level is almost the same. The company is located in:

2, zinc alloy key ring, zinc alloy is also one of the more plastic ductility, ordinary appearance may be coated with rare metal anti-rust plating;

3, leather lamp keychain, leather sewing system, sub-leather, leather, PU, the center is also embedded with a small light key chain, night or gloomy local can also be used for lighting;

4, solar keychain, the center of solar panels, a sunshine, the patterns inside looming;

5, ABS material three-dimensional keychain, open an injection mold, injection molding with ABS material, and then colored, due to the high cost of teaching mold open, the number of ordinary do more than large. Much better than PVC quality. The company is located in:

6, crystal keychain, artificial crystal as a general information, can be made into various types of crystal keychain appearance, the cost of ordinary one to tens of dollars. Crystals become fashionable favorite of a singer said: "I and your like, like crystal, no burden, confidential, clean and transparent. I give your favorite is a beautiful crystal, common glorious light you and my heart." Crystal into The pure meaning.